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Woodstock: 100 Years of Counterculture Through Arts & Music


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Join filmmaker and historian Stephen Blauweiss for a lively and engaging multimedia presentation about Woodstock’s rich history and some of the dreamers and visionaries who helped create it. Blauweiss has a passion for arts, history, and storytelling that guarantees an event that will entertain and inform both natives and newcomers of all ages. 


Beginning with 1819, Blauweiss will lead the audience through a colorful history that extends from nineteenth-century New York City and England to twentieth-century Woodstock and its environs, covering key personalities, art movements, industrial developments, and aspects of early counterculture that explore how Woodstock came to be – its history and what it represents today.

The presentation features eight original short films by Blauweiss, hundreds of rare historic photographs and images, and lesser-known anecdotes about the town’s vibrant history. Blauweiss has been presenting this topic since 2015, including at the Woodstock Playhouse and Maverick Concert Hall, and adds new aspects each year. 

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