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The Story of Historic Kingston:
 Featuring 950 Images and Connections to the Catskills & New York City

The Story of Historic Kingston

With a background in filmmaking, graphic design, historical research, and writing, the creative team of Stephen Blauweiss and Karen Berelowitz bring you their second book that uniquely combines a stunning visual presentation with concise and informative text about the vibrant 400-year history of the mid-Hudson Valley region. The full-color, hardcover book features 950 photographs, postcards, maps, art, and graphics, many never before published and all professionally restored. It's like a documentary film in print! The book begins with a 120-page introduction to Ulster County followed by a wide-ranging look at the lesser-known and nostalgic aspects of Kingston's history. SEE SAMPLE PAGES HERE & TESTIMONIALS BELOW!

After four years of research using a variety of public and private archives, books, publications, and personal interviews, the 500-page book covers hundreds of topics, from cement to garments, from anthracite coal to Thomas Cole, from mushrooms to beer, from steamships to railroads, from stone houses to mountain houses, from music to art, from the Catskills to New York City, from mom & pop shops to IBM, from cars to cigars, and much more. Whether you’re a native or a newcomer, we guarantee you’ll learn something new!

$85 + $7.50 shipping + tax


or purchase at one of our local shops, including:

Barnes & Noble

Rough Draft

BlueByrd Haberdashery

Friends of Historic Kingston

Hudson River Maritime Museum

To pay by check, mail to: Blauweiss Films, PO Box 3391, Kingston, NY 12402

To pay over the phone, please email Karen.

“This ambitious, wonder-inspiring, and revelatory panorama of a book gives us a history of Kingston that we could never have imagined. Its range and graphic impact is marvelous. If you ever lived here or know anything about Kingston, you must have this book!”


Lowell Thing, Author, The Street That Build the City

Histories of Kingston have been published since the early 19th century but none so encompassing as this year’s...The Story of Historic Kingston. Think of Ken Burns doing New York’s first capitol but by historians who actually live there. The narrative is crisp and precise, a perfect adjunct to the images that highlight almost every page. This is no dry history tome.

– Hugh Reynolds, Kingston Wire


What an impressive work of scholarship and love. Your writing is concise, scholarly, entertaining, and closely tied to the illustrations. You had lots of options for organization, but the one you chose seems to be a perfect and logical blend of time and place. And as you tell us at the end, the illustrations were not only lovingly chosen but also lovingly restored.

Benjamin B. Beck, PhD

WOW! What an amazing book you have created…a rich and beautiful gift to history.

– Sari Lilja Will, Owner, Uptown Interiors

This is an epic work that will do Kingston and Ulster County proud and will be one of the most important works on Kingston's history ever.

– Gail Whistance, Hurley Heritage Society

[The] impossibly detailed book… is unquestionably the most comprehensive and lavishly produced local history ever. Anybody who buys it — and that should include every lover of Ulster County history — will get their money’s worth from this glossy and elaborate 470-page volume with 950 images. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this hefty volume is equivalent to a million-word book in value.

– Geddy Sveikauskas, Ulster Publishing, Hudson Valley One


Your book is nothing short of a masterpiece. Not only is it visually stunning but it has a wealth of information on local subjects I never imagined.

– Frank Marquette, Theatre on the Road & Murder Cafe

It's such an absolutely astonishing book - the time, care and attention to detail is second-to-none!– Amberly Jane Campbell, Manager/Co-Founder, Kingston Wire

What a great product! The book is a comprehensive richly textured journey into the place I grew up; but I didn’t realize how much I did not know about that place. As I cruise by my 85th birthday, your book is enriching my daily life.

– David Schwartz


This is now among the best books in my collection, including the 16 I have previously written and published.

– John M. Ham, Historian and Author

Your book is absolutely incredible. It floors me how much of a resource it is. It’s so beautifully cross referenced and indexed and the photos are gorgeous. I’m totally blown away.

– Letitia Smith


Karen and Stephen have created a wonderful book about Kingston’s history through their vast compilation of historic photos and lively narrative. I keep it front and center on my coffee table and share it with all our guests. If you love Kingston you owe it to yourself to get a copy!

– Anne Bailey, Co-Owner, Bailey Pottery and Board President, Kingston Midtown Arts District

New history is being made!  Such a delightful and comprehensive view of Kingston. Utterly brilliant!
– Gerald Berke

I love your new book. It really makes me miss my hometown.  

– Ben Levine


When is a book about history truly a gift? How about when it enriches the dirt/pavement under your feet, brings back sights and folks long gone, or replaces misconceptions you may have with documented reality? Maybe it's just its beauty as a book: form and content. Such a book is THE STORY OF HISTORIC KINGSTON by Stephen Blauweiss and Karen Berelowitz. Gobble it end to end, read it like a magazine, keep it where you can grab it to show a friend an amazing and rare photograph. It's true magic.

– Kurt Henry


My mom Dolores is so excited with the book, she only puts it down to eat and sleep.

– Debra Kahmke


As much as I saw in the previews and proofs, none of that compares to holding this massive book in your lap and looking at the great images, page after page!  Much more than I expected, and I was expecting a masterpiece from the two of you. Well done!!!!!!!!! Now to start from the first page and savor and relish this beautiful creation.

– Jack Murphy, New Paltz Historical Society


It is a monumental achievement !!!

– Sylvia Leonard Wolf, Fine Art Appraiser and Consultant


Just a quick note to let you know that I LOVE the book. Thank you, thank you for the job you have done.

– Susan Gregory


My friends Karen Berelowitz and Stephen Blauweiss have created a fantastic resource for Kingston-lovers. It’s a beautiful labor of love and fascinating in both detail and breadth.

– Debra Bresnan


The book is absolutely gorgeous. The word that came to my mind was “impressive”. Thank you both so much for all of the hard work you put into this amazing gathering of historic, interesting and humorous information about our city of Kingston.  

– Gloria DeFalco


Just holy cow- the book is truly a masterpiece and gives me goosebumps! I love how it begins and how it feels. It’s quite an accomplishment. Kingston is lucky to have you and this book will be enjoyed by many. Cheers to you both!

– Lex Feldheim, Owner, Kingston Ceramics Studio


This book is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of this very special place we live. Never to my knowledge has a photographic collection been compiled that is as complete, as informative and as well-presented as Stephen & Karen's "The Story of Historic Kingston". In every sense, this book is a Bible for Kingston historians of every level. 100 years from now, it will still be found on the shelves of Kingstonians and beyond. And that is as it should be.

– Paul O'Neill, Ulster County Commissioner of Jurors

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