About Us

Hudson Valley History & Art is run by Blauweiss Media, a Kingston, NY-based multimedia company specializing in documenting and presenting the arts, architecture, and New York history through engaging live and online presentations, short films, books, and museum-quality exhibitions. To view our short films about regional artists, please click here.

Stephen Blauweiss

A native of Manhattan and Hudson Valley resident since 1999, Stephen Blauweiss is an independent filmmaker, historian, and graphic designer. His over 25 years of experience in both mediums encompasses all aspects, from concept through final production, including photography and photo retouching.

Blauweiss produces work on a wide variety of subjects, from art and education to social and environmental issues. He has produced over 75 short films, including three features. Twenty of his short films about artists have aired on PBS and have been screened in museums and festivals across the U.S., Europe and Canada, including the New York State Museum, Mass Moca, the Albany Institute of History & Art, and the Dorsky Museum of Art.

Deeply immersed in the history of the Hudson Valley, Blauweiss and his partner Karen Berelowitz published a book in 2018, The Life & Death of the Kingston Post Office, and are working on a second one. He co-produced and co-directed the 2016 documentary Lost Rondout: A Story of Urban Removal.

Karen Berelowitz

Originally from South Africa, Karen Berelowitz is an artist and entrepreneur with a nonprofit management background. She has been working with Blauweiss Media since 2016. She also has her own art business, Karmabee, since 2007, featuring her black-and-white drawings printed on notecards, clothing, and gifts. She ran her store in the Rondout neighborhood of Kingston from 2011 to 2016.

She has a master’s degree in International Development, speaks Spanish, and is skilled in research, writing, editing, and project management. Berelowitz also teaches Business 101 for Artists & Makers classes and runs the Made in Kingston committee and annual event.

Berelowitz appeared in the Lost Rondout documentary and was a featured artist in one of Blauweiss’ artist profiles that aired on PBS. She co-authored with Stephen Blauweiss the book The Life & Death of the Kingston Post Office in 2018 and they are researching and writing a 450-page book called The Story of Historic Kingston to be released in December 2021.

Blauweiss & Berelowitz